How you are deleting your mails in outlook

08 Feb

Hotmail known to exists since years and since then it is been evolving every now and then to accept changed and implement innovation to its platform. It is only outlook that can meet well with all the enhanced mailing needs of its users because it is a specialized mail platform that only provides mail services and nothing else. It feels that it should be centralized to provide only specific mail needs. Even though it provides other services as well on mail platform but all this are for making users work easy on outlook and thus when user face any issues using these additional services on outlook they may obtain easy hotmail help from Hotmail customer support helpline number.

While numerous mails enter to your Hotmail inbox each day it becomes little difficult to manage them all if you do not have a habit of deleting unwanted mails daily. Because among this daily mails you receive only few are actually important and if not deleted they will soon clutter with the important once use of inbox will become clumsy and difficult altogether. Deleting a mail is easy most advised solution over outlook but you must know how you are deleting your mails in outlook.

There are commonly two ways to delete a mail in outlook:

  • Select it and delete – When you delete a mail by selecting and then clicking it with mouse it will enter it into trash. It is possible to restore the deleted mail from trash by getting into this folder and sending it back to inbox. The shortcut key for this delete.

  • Press shift + delete – When people use hotmail they often makes its easy by using common shortcuts supported by hotmail. To delete mails sometimes users uses shift + delete key but this permanent deletion which makes it impossible to recover it.

This is quite clear that you must know how you are deleting mails in your outlook account. If you may need to recover it in future you must send it recycle bin and if you know you may never need it delete it permanently. It is advisable that you make a habit of deleting it temporary rather than permanently so that it can be recovered later when required. Both of this is quite easy to use and apply but in case still if you face any issues you may obtain easy help from Hotmail helpline support number 0800-098-8424.

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