Way of Preventing Hotmail/Outlook From Sending Winmail.dat Attachments

09 May

This ordinarily isn't an issue, however there have been numerous cases where a message sent from Hotmail to an Internet mailbox results about the recipient just accepting a plain text message with a winmail.dat attachment. This happens frequently, and can be cerebral pain actuating for the two parties included. Contact Hotmail Customer Service


Learn about winmail.dat connection attachment


Mail programs all handle email arranges in various ways. At the point when messages are sent from Hotmail or Microsoft Exchange Server, quite possibly the recipient will see the winmail.dat connection on the off chance that they don't have their mail program setup to deal with messages in the Hotmail Rich Text Format. The Rich Text Format is distinctive on the grounds that it permits the show of various styles, textual styles, and colors inside the mail. The majority of that Rich Text data is put away in the winmail.dat document, and Outlook infrequently connects regular document attachments in the winmail.dat document too.


How do I Stop Hotmail from Sending the Winmail.dat Attachment


The great news is you can prevent or stop Hotmail from sending this attachment out to other people who will have a considerable measure of inconvenience opening it. Here's the manner by which to stop winmail.dat:


  • In your Hotmail account you have to click File and afterward pick Options
  • Within the Options simply open Mail tab.
  • Here you have to ensure that where it says Compose emails in this format: that plain text or HTML is picked.


Steps to prevent winmail.dat in your Outlook 2002 and 2007 version


Here are the important steps to take after to stop the winmail.dat connection from being conveyed:


1.  At first open Outlook and afterwards visit Tools and Options

2.  Now easily pick the Mail Format

3.  Where it says Compose in this message design: verify that either HTML or Plain Text is chosen

4.  After that tap on the Internet Format

5.  Here is the place you have to ensure that you have either Convert to Plain Text configuration or Convert to HTML chose under when sending Hotmail Rich Text emails to net recipients, utilize this format: and afterward tap to OK box.


This Hotmail Support Number expert guide should completely stop Hotmail from conveying the feared winmail.dat attachment, and spare both you and the recipient headaches.


Along these lines you will be able to prevent Hotmail from sending winmail.dat attachments. For any other query related to your Hotmail or Outlook account, contact our toll free Hotmail Contact Number 0800 095 8424.

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